So thrilled to share this MomTastic find…Memories of a Weird Year! is a just-released book that gives kids a chance to record thoughts, feelings, and more to document their experiences during the pandemic. I’m a huge believer in journaling and have done it myself for special trips and experiences. We always remember specifics in the moment that we tend to forget over time, and while there’s a LOT about this year we’d definitely LIKE to forget, I think it’s also an important opportunity to remember many things too.

Memories of a Weird Year! will help elementary-aged kids remember this unique time period of the COVID-19 pandemic. In easy-to-read and engaging pages, it encourages children to share their experiences and feelings related to canceled events, new activities, and altered holiday celebrations. Exploring how life has changed during the Coronavirus pandemic will spark conversations between adults and children as they reflect together. It’s also a great activity for families to create a cherished keepsake…together!

Authored by my dear friend since pre-school, Lauren Liss Bogart, an attorney, community advocate, and so much more, I love this book! Lauren lost her husband, Paul, to a brain tumor in 2004, when her kids were only 2, 5, and 8. She remembers how therapeutic it was to journal with them, and was recently inspired to create Memories of a Weird Year. She recalls, “During that challenging time I had them write extensively to process and document their feelings. Years later we still look back and cherish their writings.” What a gift Lauren is giving families today to record feelings and experiences during the pandemic.

Recently featured on WUSA9, our local CBS affiliate, here’s some background, and below, the story!


Check it out on Amazon – link here.

Here’s a short video showing the magic in this book, along with one of the first to “test drive” the experience, Maya Z. from Maryland, another friend of mine who is adorable, thoughtful, and creative. Love it!

Lauren was previously published in Washingtonian magazine. Her article, “Heaven Sent,” details the incredible story of launching balloons and messages on Paul’s birthday, and where one of those messages landed…