This month’s MomTastic find is a school supply you might not have thought of.  I’ve been a huge fan of Label Daddy‘s stick-on labels for a while now.  With 3 boys, sorting laundry when everyone is home is challenging (and generous!).  I’m not a huge shopper, but when I do, the Smith boys know they have to label everything before it leaves the kitchen table.

I think of labeling as an insurance policy.  It gets everyone’s “stuff” to their room at some point.  At college, I’d like to hope some of the clothes make it back to their dorm rooms if they get lost or left behind somewhere.  And it saves me from using a Sharpie that doesn’t always stay where it should when I’m multi-tasking.  They have a bunch of products, but my favorite is the extra small mini-label. They’re described as waterproof, and do stay on for a while even through wash cycles.  They seem to work best for me when I stick them directly to the clothing label.  I’ve also used their shoe labels and even the larger labels for trash cans which tend to travel down the street on windy days.

Thanks to Label Daddy for giving MomTini readers a 20% discount – you can use the code momtini at checkout, and enjoy organizing your kids’ stuff!  (Note – offer was limited time and has expired).

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