I came across a note (below) I shared with each of my boys back in June when I thought this pandemic was nearing its end and wanted to make sure they remembered how unique it was to be stuck at home. Whether you have young or adult kids, you’re likely spending an unprecedented amount of time together.

Six months later, finding this note was a good reminder that in this time of uncertainty, we should be finding some positivity. I’ve asked friends on Zoom “Happy Hours” to bring the HAPPY in when we can. Think of one good thing that’s happened to you or someone you know. It’s an incredible mood-lifter and helps redirect our thoughts. Heck, it may be the only thing we have control over right now.

So…here’s the note, along with a picture of the very unique gift I found from local Swirli Gifts – glasses made out of Corona bottles. When my boys fly the nest – again – I’ll bubble wrap the glasses for them but keep these memories in my heart…always.

June 4, 2020

Many years from now, when you think of the COVID-19 scare, quarantine, so much uncertainty in our world, and the bubble of our life, I hope you’ll also remember…The Silver Lining we each got to embrace…FAMILY! I’ll never forget the GIFT of togetherness we were given on March 14, 2020. As uncertain as the end of this time in history is, there’s CERTAINTY that we got a window of time together we never expected. I’ll always remember this quality time with our precious boys all under one roof for the longest time of our post-2015* adult lives together. Here’s a little gift so when you fly the nest again, you’ll toast to the great times we’ve shared and the gift of time. #Corona

I love you each so much

*2015 was when the first Smith boy flew the nest 🙂

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