I had a fantastic opportunity on President’s Day — a live, in-studio interview on FOX News on their “Ask the Expert” segment, to talk about how moms can save time & money. I’ll admit, with 15+ years’ PR experience under my apron, you’d think it would have been smooth sailing, but my nerves did get the best of me the night before. I called some of my PR friends to ask, “Who handles the handler?” It’s second nature for me to calm other people’s jitters, especially in a business setting, but my own? Hah! A different story altogether! My kids loved playing “anchor” while I practiced to prevent word stumbling/stuttering or worse. I tend to talk very fast, especially with extra adrenaline on board. A couple of very deep breaths later (I knew those breathing classes on my 40th birthday trip would come in handy!), I was able to get the information across, feeling very comfortable in conversation with the Anchor, Allison Seymour, whose FOX bio mentioned her 3 girls (I have 3 boys). mom coachUndoubtedly, moms connect so much through shared experiences, and while we all have different day jobs, our Mom jobs have a lot in common. Titled “More Productive Mommies,” the feature focused on ways we can save time & money.

Sidebar – Despite a very long session with my hairdryer and loads of hair gel & spray that morning, I noticed after watching that I had a very annoying, errant chunk of hair in my face (!). Nonetheless, it was a great experience, and a wonderful way to get the word out about The Business of Motherhood.

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Photo of Amy with FOX 5 Morning News Co-Anchor, Allison Seymour.