Lauren Salzberg, MS’96 (Mom Since 1996) has been a huge supporter of The MomTini Lounge. She has tons of great ideas and resources for other moms, and I’m thrilled to be publishing her first guest post. Lauren shares some great online resources for establishing parent controls with screen time, an issue we all deal with in one way or another. Enjoy Lauren’s tips below! — Amy

Guest Post by Lauren Salzberg – Screen Control Tips

Recently we have had to make some changes in our home for our child with autism. Even though our one son has a disability, the changes that we have made have helped all of our children. Our doctors and behaviorists have shared these ideas with us and they are great and I feel they should be shared as they can help other families as well.

One of the issues that we were dealing with in our house with the topic of “screens”–whether it be television, computer, video games—“screens” were monopolizing our childrens lives. We were finding a very hard time to monitor this and have full parental control. Then came these wonderful devices!  We were told of 2 them and had to try them both! One was TV Allowance and the other was TV Timer Bob–both are awesome! Whatever “screen” device you want control of, you simply plug into either the TV Allowance or Bob and presto, you, the parent, have total control! Check out the links to see how they work! Well worth the money!

Another great tip we got was a product from Time Timer. These timers are “red timers” where your children actually can watch the “red” disappear to know how much time is left–whether it be for a time out, time until dinner, you name it…a life saver!

Hope these tips help–they sure have been helping us!

Editor’s Note: I love how kid-friendly & visual these tools are – thank you, Lauren, for sharing! Does anyone else have any creative ways to manage technology at home?