If you didn’t catch Juno yet, do! Not only is it hysterical (if you go for the dry humor, which I LOVE!), but it raises a lot of questions about teenage pregnancy, which any parent will consider sooner or later. The independent film, which grossed $100 million at last count, features a 16-year-old girl who gets pregnant, and make all kinds of bold choices. Entertainment Weekly had a recent cover story on the film, and something in the article really struck me — quoted by the young film star, Ellen Page herself, “(Juno) dresses like she wants, says what she wants, and doesn’t apologize for it…. Girls haven’t had that sort of character before. We don’t have our Catcher in the Rye.” It makes me wonder as a parent of younger kids, how much is conformity valued vs. indendent thinking? Page’s statement makes it seems as if independent thought is a novelty. I don’t know if I agree with that…But, it does raise some good food for thought. How can we mold/form morals and values from a young age, and how can we help our kids to value independent thought/action? How/when do you discuss sex & contraception? What ideas/thoughts do you have on these provocative subjects?
Ellen PageEllen Page

Pregnant belly photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash