Many thanks to Lisa Steinke for featuring one of my ideas in her “Make a 2013 To-Do List” article in allParenting.  I love lists & charts as you know, and this topic is really timely given the New Year.  Who cares if it’s an artificial deadline – it gets me thinking about being more organized and about setting some short- and long-term goals both professionally and personally for 2013.

Like Lisa says in her article, “There’s nothing like the blissful feeling of having a clean slate.”  She has some great tips that get you in the mindset, help you to keep it simple & realistic, and offers several approaches to getting that list done.  The list, of course, is the first step, but it always fuels my organization inspiration.  🙂

How do you stay organized?  Do you like to make lists on your computer or paper or both?  I do both, and even though technology is a great organization tool, there’s nothing like crossing items off my “to-do list” with a Sharpie!  Mission accomplished.