This infographic really caught my eye.   Thanks to Tara Heath, journalist, and Teen Safe for sharing this amazing infographic, illustrating how and where our kids are connected, and how we can use this information to stay more connected to our kids.

First, some background from Tara…

Today, 78% of teens own a smartphone and they are attached to it all day long. In a recent survey taken by Bank of America, nearly half of all Americans say they wouldn’t last one day without their smartphones, and that includes teenagers. But the question is – what do these social butterflies occupy their time with on that device of theirs?

The infographic below, provided by Teen Safe, now KidBridge, gives us a little peak into the social life of the app-addicted teen. From the moment they wake up to the last thing they look at before falling asleep, smartphones dictate how many teens spend their day. Apps like Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, and Vine all have a huge teen following and make it easy to stay glued to the screen for hours on end.

As a parent, you might feel a little bit out of tune when it comes to your teen’s social life. Get into the loop with this infographic and the next time your teen mentions their latest #PhotoOfTheDay on Instagram, you’ll know exactly what they’re talking about.

Infographic on The Social Life of the App Addicted Teen

Tara Heath is a journalist and mother in Southern California. She is a passionate blogger about parenting and education and is also an infographic collaborator.