I was recently asked to take Food Lion‘s “MVP Coupon Hub” for a test drive.  It’s a great integration of coupons, savings, and a loyalty card, that takes the paper out of the process if you want to trash the coupon caddy.  (You can, of course, go online and select/print coupons as well).  It’s super easy, and takes minutes to set up, even if you don’t currently have a Food Lion MVP card.

Here’s how it works…They’re featuring it on their home page, or you can go directly to the MVP coupon hub here.  Then, you can either “load to card” so the coupons you select are loaded directly onto your loyalty card, and you simply swipe and save at checkout.  Or, you can “print at home” if you’re a traditionalist and like to bring the paper coupons into the store.  They have a great selection, and you can sort by expiration date or value.  When I sorted by value, I got everything from “free (buy one/get one)” to $3 and below.  So the savings are great, and they’ve streamlined it, so it’s super easy to click what appeals to you at home, and have the savings pre-loaded on your card, so you’re saving money AND time.  (Time is priceless as busy moms know!).  It’s kind of like a coupon buffet.

Comment on this post for a chance to win through March 4, 1014.  Also, for anyone who uses the new MVP Coupon Hub, Food Lion is hosting a “Save to Win” sweepstakes until March 4th, 2014, where they’re selecting 8 winners a week.