A political “pundit,” I am not! However, being based in our nation’s capitol, I’m surrounded by politics. As a journalist, I was trained never, ever to give my personal opinion on politics. In fact, I knew a reporter in Chicago who didn’t even register to vote for fear of being aligned. So, to keep my pledge, I’m not professing position here at all, but in the spirit of The MomTini Lounge, always looking to streamline/simplify whenever possible, came across a great resource to simplify and possibly guide the candidate selection process. My dear friend, Liz R. (Mom Since 2000), alerted me to an online quiz – VoteHelp.org  that prompts you for your position on key issues & guides your selection based on your views on key topics such as Iraq, minimum wage, immigration, education, abortion, etc. Very interesting site — check it out! It’s described as “a nonpartisan candidate calculator that tracks the main politicians’ stands on important issues.” Back to my friend, Liz, who can change a diaper, read a story, and be a great mom with finesse and can then put on a business suit, heels and lipstick and talk politics without missing a beat, certainly has earned some stripes in politics. She appeared on CNN’s You Say What hosted by Rick Sanchez last June with a small group after one of the early democratic presidential debates to discuss her views and perspectives on the candidates, the issues, etc. Liz’s husband, Ron, was a last minute fill-in for a no-show. Very fun…and useful!

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