I had a great experience on The Today Show, along with Editor Molly Rosen and fellow Essayist Cari Shane Parven about our contributions to Knowing Pains: Women on Love, Sex and Work in Our ’40s – Check it out!

Here’s the link to read my essay, “Stumbling into Cyberspace,” online at The Today Show’s website.

100% of profits from the book go straight to breast cancer research and education — the entire team of writers, editors, illustrators, website developers, etc., volunteered in order to donate the maximum to the cause.

Here are some fun photos:

Natalie Morales

With The Today Show’s National Correspondent/Anchor Natalie Morales

knowing pains

Left to right: Molly, Amy & Cari en route to the show – After a 4-hour Manhattan dinner/prep the night before, very little sleep, and TONS of adrenaline, we’re ready to go!

molly rosen

The professional hair and make-up was a blast, especially considering none of us wear too much on a regular basis – Amy and Molly get a “roller” lift.

cari shane parven

And finally, the shoes! Molly’s fabulous volunteer illustrator, Jill McCleary, sketched a different shoe before each chapter of the book – we each decided to wear something funky & fun, to demonstrate the many, many shoes we women wear in our daily lives! Note – I’m typically in clogs or sneakers, but my son found these heels at DSW, and they were fun to step into, just not so fun for NYC walking!

Note – Essays are Copyright c 2009 by Amy Kossoff Smith and Cari Shane Parven. All rights reserved.