This is hysterical…and not only do I have a funny book to share with you, but a funny video that seems like it’s cousin (no joke!).  Plus, we’re giving away a copy of the book…details at the end of this post.

First step in Laugh Therapy…

New book, I Ate All Your Cookies…And Other Things You Wish You Could Tell Your Kids by Quinn Conroy.

The author says, “Parents love their kids very much, they feed them, clothe them, and even wipe their butts, but who wouldn’t love to tell their kids they ate all the good stuff while they were asleep, just to see the pissed off looks on their faces, every once and awhile.”

I Ate All Your Cookies hilariously reveals all the secret truths that parents would love to share with their children.

For example…revealing that the dog is not actually living on a farm chasing bunnies, this book shares hundreds of relatable thoughts for any parent.

The book is more of a coffee table book with funny quotes – some bordering on mean to be frank, but here are some of the funny ones…

  • You’re so right. Brussels Sprouts are disgusting. But the great part about being a grownup is that I’m sure as hell not going to eat them, but you are!
  • I almost always lie about the time so you have to go to bed earlier.
  • I don’t know what you expected when you demanded that third jar of peaches.

In the same “department” of parenting humor, my kids showed me this Jimmy Kimmel-inspired video where parents trick their kids into thinking they ate all of their Halloween candy.  Some kids are really upset; but some have the most surprising responses…Last year, the video got 37+ million views, and this year, already 23 million.

Here’s the latest “prank” roundup from Kimmel’s show – if you can get past the tears, some of the kids have really forgiving responses…

Reader Contest:  Add a comment to this post with a friendly prank you’ve pulled on your kids, or vice versa (nothing mean, ‘kay?), and enter to win a copy of the book.  Fun holiday gift – winner announced Dec. 17, 2012.