Check out my “Frugal Father’s Day” article in Wednesday’s Washington Post business column, “Small Change.” [Runs online Wednesday; in the print edition Thursday]. You’ll find quick & easy ideas and links on everything from framed certificates to custom CD’s, coupons, and lots more.

Last year, I published “Recession-proof Father’s Day Gift ideas”. I suggested garden stones which you can pick up at any art supply store and decorate with hand prints, jeweled stones, all for under $10. I also wrote about homemade bookmarks or coasters which kids can decorate, sticker, add photos and mom can laminate at an office supply store.

A year later, we’re all still in the frugal zone, so I shared some of my latest favorite gift ideas with The Washington Post that are priceless without breaking the bank. Plus, here are some more Mom-Tastic ideas.

I also did some social marketing research on Facebook and Twitter and came up with some friends’ fabulous frugal finds (say that 4 times fast!). Here are some creative ideas that definitely fit the frugal bill:

Lorie B. is getting her husband Crocs – practical, comfortable (wonder which charms will adorn those comfy summer shoes?)

Judy T. suggested the gift of an outing together at a concert or movie. She also booked a hotel room after dinner so there’s no designated driver issues – absolutely fun & creative – love it! But obviously not so frugal, so let’s get back on track in this blog post…

Jill H. loves to give the gift of unique experiences like rope courses or a cooking class. Last year she hired a chef demonstrator who taught a bunch of dads how to grill.

Carla M. went for practicality and got some chores done at the same time. She gave her husband a Sawsall and said, “ It fulfilled his need to operate power tools, and he used it to chop down a few trees in the yard, among several other things on our endless household to do list.”

– Another friend, Tina G., responded to my request last month for Mother’s Day gift ideas and suggested a handyman for a day to get household projects done – this could make a great Dad’s Day gift, too, since Dad often gets stuck with the “Honey Do list” anyhow!

Stephanie C. had a great idea that is economical AND environmentally friendly! “I’m getting my hubby a seltzer maker, as he is addicted to Vintage Seltzer. A friend told me about the Fountain Jet from Sodastream. This will make his addiction cheaper, and more environmentally sound, as we won’t have all of the plastic bottles lying around our house to feel guilty about!”

– Stephanie’s idea makes me think of our Flavia machine – we love to make gourmet Cappuccinos or Chai tea at home by the cup – you get the same coffee shop gourmet at a fraction of the cost.

Since the theme is frugal, I’m all about repurposing! As a local mom blogger, I did several holiday gift segments on local TV – many of the ideas could easily work for Father’s Day as well. Here are some of those segments loaded with creative, easy-to-do ideas:

Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Easy Gifts (my motto, “Love your laminator!”)

Do you have any creative gift ideas to share?

However you decide to celebrate, set some time aside to make Dad the center of attention on Sunday. Happy Father’s Day!

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