Great infographic from pricegrabber on “digital deal hunting”; mobile shopping; and more.  No surprise, online leads the shopping aisle!  Their survey indicated that consumers are more budget-oriented this year, and that convenience and accessibility (mobile/online) are important, with 71% saying they’d shop from home.

They offer some helpful tips:

  • Take a household inventory.  Scan the kitchen, office…for miscellaneous supplies.  Take an inventory of the findings, and then compare this to your kids’ supply lists.  Editor’s Note:  I suggested this idea a while back, and for younger kids, I called the same task a “treasure hunt” – make it fun, and save money!  At the same time, you’re setting up your kids’ workstations for the coming year.
  • Host a clothing exchange with other parentsEditor’s Note:  LOVE this!  You’ll may even give – and get – stuff that still has tags on it!

back to school infographic