LiveScience reported on “Busy Kids:  Overscheduling Worries Overstated” — interesting article talking about the potential downside of overscheduling, but also presenting data that shows it may not be as big of an issue as we think.  One stat that shocked me was that “Seven percent of U.S. school no longer provide recess to students as young as second grade,” according to one expert.  That’s 7% too many in my opinion — kids NEED recess and a place/way to release energy during the school day.

LiveScience asked some parenting sources (including me!) to weigh in – I was on the fence, because I’m a perpetrator and a victim of the overscheduling, but I’m not sure I’d change much if activities and sports are healthy outlets for young kids.

What do you think?  Are your kids overscheduled?  Do you have guidelines in terms of how many sports or activities they can participate in?  Is their schedule initiated by them or you?  Add a comment!