Thanks to Cindy Davis, UK-based Mom Blogger and Mom Since 2005 (MS’05) for these useful tips on how to get kids to do more around the house.  One of my favorite posts, Chores that Work, explored this same topic, with some free charts to use to get kids on board.  Also, loved the book Earn it Learn it where the author has a really unique way to get even the youngest kids to get to work at home.

Involving Kids in Daily Cleaning Chores by Cindy Davis

Maintaining a clean and tidy home is everyone’s dream, but how many of us actually clean our homes on a daily basis even if really want to? It seems that cleaning once a week is the best we could do with full-time jobs and so many other daily responsibilities. However, the weekend simply disappears when you leave all the house chores for the end of the week.

One of the ways to keep your home clean and tidy on a daily basis is by involving your children. They have much more free time during the day and they can certainly help out with some of the cleaning chores. It doesn’t take more than 30 minute every day for two children to dust, vacuum, mop and tidy up the home. Teaching your children to take care of the home, to clean and tidy up is one of the important lessons they will have.

Some people claim that they can’t trust their children with vacuuming or dusting, but this shouldn’t be the case with you too. In fact, children have so much energy that kennington cleaning won’t make them as tired as you usually feel after it. A smart way to get this started is by making them help you.

  1. Explain how cleaning is done – starting from top to bottom, first dry and then wet. Put a white board somewhere at home – ideally on the fridge as this is where children go to often enough. Write down the daily cleaning tasks and tell your children that from Monday to Friday it’s there time to clean, tidy up and take care of the home.
  2. Don’t distribute chores just yet – wait to see if our children can figure out the best way to do this. Siblings tend to fight when they have to do something, but they also get over it quicker than adults. Trust them with the green cleaning products and the natural cleaning solutions that you use.
  3. Keep the toxic ones stored somewhere only you know. The chores your children should be able to do are: dusting, vacuum cleaning, mopping, wiping down the tables and the kitchen boards, cleaning the sinks and the mirrors and others. One of the major tasks your children should do on a daily basis is tidying up their rooms, starting from the beds as soon as they get up. If they leave for school after you leave for work, ask them to take the rubbish out.
  4. Explain that the daily cleaning tasks would be much easier and quickly done if they learn how to prevent spills and dirt in the first place. Having a clean home equals a healthy home with clean air. And having a sparkling clean home is manageable when everyone at home gets involved in the cleaning process.

Author Bio: Cindy Davis is writer, blogger and Mom Since 2005 (MS’05) who has great flair for home decoration and home remodeling projects. She is continuously searching for sources of inspiration and motivation. Currently she writes mainly and organizing related thematic.