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Welcome to The MomTini Lounge ®

Motherhood is a legitimate business with a unique set of demands. The MomTini Lounge is your “go-to” for the “how-to” of The Business of Motherhood. We share tips, tools, and creative ideas to manage the demands of running a household. This is your spot, where you can put your feet on your desk or on a heaping pile of laundry and find shortcuts to productivity at every turn.

Math Goals Add Up

  This story came across my desk as a New Year’s Resolution idea, but I think it fits year-round.  I recently took a practice ACT English section at home at my son’s request, and even as a journalism major who
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One-Utensil Healthy Snacks

Busy parents, tune in to this fun post with ideas for colorful, healthy, “one-utensil” snacks from journalist Kristin Hackler. – Amy It’s a daily challenge trying to get kids to eat healthy, and it’s not just because they have a
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New Year’s Resolutions

I’m definitely a New Year’s resolution advocate.  I know, I know, the parking lot at the gym isn’t as crowded 3 weeks from now, but who cares?  If the New Year prompts some healthy thinking & acting, I’m all in!
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Review: Food Lion MVP Coupon Hub

      Review/Sponsored Post — Comment on this Post for a Chance to Win $25 GiftCards I was recently asked to take Food Lion‘s “MVP Coupon Hub” for a test drive.  It’s a great integration of coupons, savings, and
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