• Summer Ideas for Campers & Staycationers

              Whether your kids are in day camp, sleep-away camp, or your family is enjoying some fun at home, here are some ideas and MomTastic summer headlines you may find useful… About.com’s Laureen Miles Brunelli published
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  • Top 3 Foods that Boost Your Child’s Memory

    blueberries hand memory article

            Editor’s Note:  Thanks to guest author, Chef Linda Rosario, a food blogger from Chef Needs, for this article on the top foods to boost your child’s memory.  I’ve heard that blueberries are “super foods,” and here’s
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  • NBC’s “The More You Know” Loaded with Tips for Online Safety


    Online safety is a topic I think we can’t talk enough about with other parents and with our kids.  Gone are the days of corded phones you’d stretch into the other room for privacy, and here are the days of
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  • When Mom Travels for Work


    Amy Kossoff Smith, the founder of a parenting Web site, has a ritual when she travels. She leaves a printed itinerary of all the carpools, sports practices and games, baby-sitter hours and anything else her husband might need. Read more
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Welcome to The MomTini Lounge ®

Motherhood is a legitimate business with a unique set of demands. The MomTini Lounge is your “go-to” for the “how-to” of The Business of Motherhood. We share tips, tools, and creative ideas to manage the demands of running a household. This is your spot, where you can put your feet on your desk or on a heaping pile of laundry and find shortcuts to productivity at every turn.

Happy Mother’s Day – Ideas and Momspiration

Happy Mother’s Day!  Even though this is a “repeat,” I wanted to share this silly “got milk” photo with my own mom, as I share some ideas and Momspiration for you! Here’s a roundup of some ideas we’ve shared to
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Future Development: Enrolling Your Child in Local Sports

          Thanks to Linda Bailey for this article on how and why you should enroll your kids in local sports.  With 3 boys, we’re huge sports fans and the benefits would dominate this entire site –
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5 Ways to Green Up Your Spring Cleaning

          Thanks to Kendal Perez from Hassle Free Savings for these great tips on how to “green up” your spring cleaning routine.  She’s got some great food for green thought here on how to spring clean
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Product Review: Label Daddy and 20% Discount

    Despite the fact that I’m in the “camp labeling belongings zone,” with 3 boys, I am constantly finding friends’ clothes here and watching my kids rummage through everyone’s drawers for “that t-shirt” that seems to have vanished.  Keeping
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