• A Mindful Start to the School Year


    Many thanks to A.S. Braverman, an Academic Liaison at Thinking Caps Group, for this mindful article.  She shares some great tips about kicking off the school year with some perspective and planning. Fall brings lots of things we love—pumpkin pie,
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  • In Memory of My Mom, Marlene Kossoff

              It’s been a while since I’ve posted…the longest break since I started this venture…three months.  I lost my mom at the end of April, and it has made me reflect so much on the magnitude
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  • Five Things I Learned About Spending Money to Raise Great Kids

    Five Things I Learned About Spending Money to Raise Great Kids

                  There’s only one thing I love more than reading books by parents, about parenting, and that’s MEETING the parent behind the venture.  Thanks to my dear friend, Lorraine A., I recently attended a
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  • When Mom Travels for Work


    Amy Kossoff Smith, the founder of a parenting Web site, has a ritual when she travels. She leaves a printed itinerary of all the carpools, sports practices and games, baby-sitter hours and anything else her husband might need. Read more
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Talking to Kids After a Tragedy and Mobilizing Ways We Won’t Have to In the Future

It breaks my heart to see the news about the recent tragedy in at Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.  As a mom, a citizen, a human with a pulse, this is all wrong.  I wanted to share some of
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Technology and Kids – Excerpt from Be the Parent

Technology opens so many doors, but can be a constant battle at home.  We want our kids to have access to information, and it’s become their digital playground, but it’s hard to argue it isn’t taking up too much of
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Non-Tech Holiday Gift Suggestions from Screenagers

Thanks to Delaney Ruston, MD, Screenagers‘ Filmmaker, for this list of non-tech holiday gifts…I love following Delaney’s blog posts, and think that her continuing the dialogue about the effects of screens on teens (and us) is an important one.  Enjoy! 
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MomTastic Find: Label Daddy

        This month’s MomTastic find is a school supply you might not have thought of.  I’ve been a huge fan of Label Daddy‘s stick-on labels for a while now.  With 3 boys, sorting laundry when everyone is
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