A good friend, Susan F., Mom Since 2004 (MS’04) passed along a fun TV viewing opportunity she’s working on. Friday April 16th, NBC will broadcast their first venture, Secrets of the Mountain (8 p.m./7 Central). Walmart and P&G are the key sponsors behind this family entertainment event, and Randy Jackson produced the movie soundtrack.

Susan shared some interesting statistics and thoughts with me that I wanted to pass along to fellow Moms:

–> The average child spends 1,000 hours watching TV, movies or playing video games, and only 900 hours a year in school, so basically, and I’m translating here, electronics an equal share of voice as the chalkboard!

–> Plus, with busy schedules, family dinners are fewer and farther between, and families need good, free, things they can do together as a family.

–> The point is, TV and video games are here to stay, but parents should be aware of its significant influence on child’s rearing.

Susan is hoping that people will “vote with their remote” Friday nightto support quality, family-friendly programming by tuning in.

Here’s a bonus video behind the scenes with Adelaide Kane – grab your popcorn, and enjoy!

Editor’s Note: I do love the idea of coming up with creative – and free – things to enjoy as a family. How about family game night, Charades, a hike outside, roasting s’mores, building a garden…the possibilities are endless — what ideas can you share?