I’ve written about tech-free days/weekends, and I’ll be honest…it’s tough to do!  In fact, I failed at my June challenge, Disconnect to Reconnect.

As a journalist who learned to write on a typewriter (no, I’m not THAT old!), and once considered a fax machine a useful business tool, I can’t believe I now have a 24/7 personal assistant in the palm of my hand.  Again, let me reminisce about how far we’ve come.  My husband and I laugh when we remember his first cell phone.  He’d show up to pick me up for a date carrying what looked like an oversized briefcase and proudly put the antenna on the roof of his car and plug the power into the cigarette lighter.  On a windy day, it was mighty cold to make a call!

So where are we now…I keep my thumbnails cut short so I can rapid text; check email at any time of the day or night from any location from 5 different accounts, all rolled up into one; make and change dinner reservations; buy movie tickets; keep little kids busy with games in doctor’s offices to keep the peace; and even have a flashlight app for dark places.  In two seconds, I know that my kids are where they are supposed to be.  I can communicate with 6 moms simultaneously to arrange carpools.  And on and on…I feel like I’ve only dipped my big toe in the app pool, and can’t wait to keep swimming in this new technology FUN!

It’s amazing…so honestly, I can’t really imagine a day without my smartphone – sorry!  I will try to give myself a technology break on vacation, but even then, it’s the quickest connection to my family…what’s so bad about that?!

How about other moms – could you go cell phone-free tomorrow?

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