Thanks to Julie Melnick, Founder/CEO of SkySquad, for sharing some of her favorite travel tips for families. Regardless of your kids’ ages, or even if you tend to get “hangry” yourself when traveling, you’ll find creative ways to plan ahead and create smooth sailing (& flying!)…Amy 🙂

Traveling with Kids This Holiday Season by Julie Melnick

1.  Bring Snacks – Whether your child is a toddler or a big kid, bring plenty of snacks that you know your kid will enjoy. This is the time to pack some extra treats just in case you need to use a bit of a reward system during a long layover, a long flight, or even a long car ride. That said, eating healthy on the road will lead to better well being and better behavior. Pack cut-up fruit like apples or pears, and bring easy-to-peel mandarin oranges that can keep kids busy for a while. For protein, pack small containers of cheese cubes, chopped up chicken, or maybe chickpeas. Bring some crackers, and you have a mini meal! I always love to bring sliced cucumbers; they are my kids’ favorite, along with a little bit of Ranch dressing, but make sure it’s less than 3.4 ounces to go through security.

2.  Bring a change of clothes…for you (the caregiver) – We all know that sometimes babies need a change of clothes on the plane, but how about mom? There have been several times when my kids were little that I ended up changing a diaper and needed a change of clothes for myself as well. Most moms think of their kids first, leaving them without a change of clothes. This year, remember to bring yourself an extra top just in case things get a bit messy.

3.  TOYS – Spending a little extra money on some new toys might be the best investment you can make for your trip. Games like “Spot It” or Uno are great for kid ages 4 and up, and for younger kids, bring crayons, a new coloring book or new pack of markers, and you will be set.

4.  Technology – Yes, this is the time for technology to make an appearance. If you can, download a movie or show that your kids have been asking about, and let them watch it on the flight or car ride. This will be a magical time for everyone to get a little rest.

About the Author Julie Melnick, Founder/CEO SkySquad:

Living on both coasts, I have flown on more cross country flights than I can count. Unfortunately, all too often, traveling has felt overwhelming due to all of the stuff that goes along with it. Toddlers, car seats, strollers and sippy cups, often I was desperate for someone to give me an extra hand. That is where my passion for improving the travel experience began, which led to the creation of SkySquad.

SkySquad launches in Dulles Airport on December 1, 2019. We match  travelers with vetted, background checked airport assistants to help navigate through the stressful airport environment. The service is open to anyone needing assistance, including senior citizens, families, and those with language barriers. SkySquad assistants speak English, Spanish, Russian, and Romanian.

Disclosure: I’ve known Julie for years and love supporting fellow mompreneurs with great mom tips! No compensation was made for this post, but thanks to Julie for mentioning our site on hers!