Sponsored post by Target.  It may seem weeks away, but there are some things you can – and should – do now to plan ahead for back to school. Also – some of these tips may be good “summer boredom busters” that double as back-to-school requirements.

1. Check out your school website for required summer reading. Many elementary schools make grade-specific recommendations to keep reading sharp over the summer; and often, middle or high schools have required reading. Some public libraries or bookstores have reading incentive programs to make reading fun.

2. Also check for summer math packets. Better to accomplish a page at a time, rather than an end-of-summer crunch.

3. School supplies. Think ahead. Get your school’s list; organize your family’s combined list; look through what you already have from last year; and refresh your supply while choices are more plentiful. I like to combine all 3 of our lists so I can buy in bulk, and make the shopping more efficient.

4. Plan in advance for orientations or “meet the teacher” days. These may be posted on your school’s website or available by calling the office if it’s still open. With so many schools going “virtual” and paperless, you sometimes need to track down this information yourself.

5. Enjoy the precious days of summer…and countdown to school! For younger kids, it’s fun to do a paper chain. Staple or tape links of construction paper to show how many days you have left. Let your kids tear one off each day. It will reinforce two things: 1, appreciate the lazy days of summer as much as you possibly can; and 2, for younger kids, teach them the concept of timing and anticipation in a fun, age-appropriate, and decorative way!

This post is sponsored by Target.