Thanks to guest author, Chef Linda Rosario, a food blogger from Chef Needs, for this article on the top foods to boost your child’s memory.  I’ve heard that blueberries are “super foods,” and here’s yet one more example. – Amy

During the early years of your child, there are numerous developments that are happening in his or her body systems. One of this is the brain. There are lots of things that can be done in order to possibly maximize the full potential of a child’s brain. Teaching your child how to read, letting him listen to music, allowing him to play with puzzles, playing games, accompanying him in exploring the world helps the brain in its development. But, do you know that foods can help the development of the brain? Yes, they can and they really help a lot. Although it is not 100% that your child will be a top scholar from exclusive schools someday when you do all these things, it is best to do it than none. Below are the top 3 foods that will boost your child’s memory.


The blueberries are number in the list of memory boosting foods. The delicious small berries offer a powerful boosting power on your child’s brain health. Its ability to improve your child’s brain is really one of a kind. It is well packed with flavenoids that does not only improve memory but as well as general thinking and learning. This kind of berries is also full of antioxidants which keep the brain younger and prevent its aging.

To help your child eat this food, you can include it on cereals, yogurts, salads, and others. Any form will also do. It can be fresh, frozen or dried and it will still be the best.


It is a fact that on the first early years of babies, the memory center of the brain develops. In the development of this memory center, the most important nutrient is the choline. But, what is the good source of this choline? Actually, the answer is just eggs, specifically the egg yolks. Just one egg yolk contains about 200mg of choline and it nearly meets or already meets the nutrient needs of a child.

Here is a tip. Be sure to give your child an egg a day. You may try different kinds of egg recipes so that your child will not be tired of eating the food. Eggs also contain lots of cholesterol. You may consult your heath care provider if there are weight issues.


Just eating fish regularly helps your brain a lot, especially when it is still on the process of development. Fishes increase the brain size and as well as slow downs the brain’s aging process. The omega 3 that is found in fishes improves concentration, problem solving skills and of course memory.

If your child can already eat fish, be sure to feed them regularly. It is best to give them 2 servings of fish every week. But, if you can’t because they are not fund of eating it, once a week will already do.

Author Bio: Chef Linda Rosario is a food blogger from Chef Needs. She also loves to paint and dreams of having her own art gallery. Aside from painting and drawing, Linda has a heart for cooking and food.