I had a very special MomTini Mother’s Day Gift — a spot on the local WUSA (CBS) News on the Friday before Mother’s Day.

parents organization
Amy with WUSA Anchor Lesli Foster

Anchor and Consumer Reporter Lesli Foster, a fellow Mom, interviewed me about last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas, with the holiday 40 hours (a full-time work week) away.

We had a full show-and-tell of my personal favorites – painted plates, sidewalk stones, bookmarks, and lots more. It was a thrill & lots of fun to “talk Mom” on TV.

Lesli, who had been the lead blogger at DVM Moms, is active in the local Mom dialogue, and has a great sense of humor about our job. I enjoyed seeing her speak Saturday morning at the National Association of Working Mothers’ Event.

She said that “a working mom is a loaded term,” sharing my premise that motherhood is indeed a job! She also likened a pair of “magic” sneakers (that promised exercise & weight loss!) to walking the treadmill of motherhood, and announced her replacement at DVM Moms, Anchor Peggy Fox. I loved Peggy’s note that “childhood is so fleeting…like a movie that I want to stop & watch in slow motion,” quickly adding that kids want just the opposite – to speed things up.

organized mom

WUSA Anchor Peggy Fox, Assistant News Director Catherine Snyder, and Multimedia Producer Elizabeth Jia at the DVM Moms booth

Kudos to Netherland Washington who created this First Annual Moms event and presented citations from Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen in honor of support for working mothers.