When I started this online parenting magazine, I tried to think about all of the topics parents would want to read about…childcare, school, homework, chores, allowance, nutrition, and so on – all of the shortcuts that moms and dads would find interesting.  One of my favorite pages, though, was “Mommy Inspiration” or “Momspiration” – all of the stories that warm your heart, lift you up, and make you realize how AMAZING moms can be!  This story fits right into that pocket!

The stork had a different path for my long-time friend, Arlen M., Mom Since 1996 (MS’96).  Unlike my race between baseball fields and basketball courts, Arlen M. has girls, and dance has been a big part of her family’s life.

She recently helped launched a one-of-a-kind non-profit performing arts organization in Maryland, the Teen Angel Project (TAP), including talented high school and middle school performers, whose sole purpose is to donate joy to communities in need through song and dance.

So what makes TAP different? Typically, teens attend dance classes, voice instruction, and acting lessons, and then perform in a venue for a paying audience.  Teen Angel Project performers bring song and dance to hospitals, homeless shelters, veterans homes, hospice centers, and nursing homes, wherever the need for joy is greatest, without a fee.  The almost 50 members of TAP and TAPjr are busy rehearsing on a weekly basis in preparation for upcoming performances at a local Military Medical Center, a senior community, and a nursing home.

This is a great example of a win-win—teens who give back, enjoy what they do, and share their passion with others, while learning how to be more socially conscious and connected to their communities rather than to their electronic devices or the mall.

What a great idea!  Hats off to Arlen and the parents and teens dedicating their time to such a great cause!  Here are some links for more information or for information on how to support this cause – sounds like a great charitable contribution, especially as the year comes to a close…

Teen Angel Project Website

TAP Facebook Page





Do you know of a momspirational story in your neighborhood?  Write a guest post about it, or let me know, and I may write it up in a future post!