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Why Don’t My Kids Listen to Me?

2019-04-30T20:49:43+00:00January 13th, 2012|

Fear not, this isn’t a personal journal entry…it’s a recap of a great talk I attended last weekend by PEP (Parent Encouragement Program)’s Education Coordinator, Patti Cancellier.  The topic, “Why […]

Honey I Wrecked the Kids

2019-06-09T19:12:49+00:00October 15th, 2009|

What a FABULOUS title! This week, we’re talking about a great new book on the MomTastic Bookshelf, and…the author is coming to the D.C. area, so local moms, you’ve got […]

Strong Values Pay Off With Kids

2019-05-06T15:51:59+00:00April 15th, 2008|

To continue the recent blog post about values, this is well-timed. I recently attended a Parent Encouragement Program “Food For Thought, Because Parenting Matters” event about values. The presenter, Tory […]

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