Garages are great dumping grounds for all kinds of “stuff.”  I think I could have a 10-car garage and still fill every corner over time.  We grow to fit whatever space we have.  But getting it organized is always on my house bucket list, and I love these tips from the folks at Monkey Bars, a DC-based garage organization company.  The picture they sent me looks amazing…and momspirational…Enjoy, and let me know how it works out for you! – Amy

Tackling Your Garage in 5 Easy Steps

Ok, let’s be honest everyone’s garage can get a little bit (very) scary now and again. You organized it once why can’t it just stay that way?! Getting the garage organized can feel really overwhelming if you look at it as a whole. Breaking the process down into a few easy steps can help you mentally manage the project with ease.

  1. Divide and Conquer. First things first where to start? Divide your garage into easily managed sections. You can map this out on paper then when you have gotten through a section check it off as you go. This will provide a sense of accomplishment because you can see the progress that you have made.
  2. Sort. Once you have divided your garage it’s time to start sorting through the stuff. The easiest way to sort through all your things is decide 1. Do I use it? Or 2. Do I want it (be honest here)? If the answer is no to both of these questions, then toss it. If you have a box full of old baby clothes that you can’t part with (you don’t need it but it’s a memory!) pick out a few pieces that have real sentimental value and get rid of the rest.
  3. Getting Rid of the Junk. Once you have sorted through everything what do you do with the stuff that you don’t want anymore? Some things are going to be destined for the dump no questions asked. Other items that have more life left in them can be donated. Donation is a great option because not only are you giving back to your community but it can also count as a tax write off. For large broken appliances (i.e. that dead lawnmower taking up space) look up a local scrap metal collector chances are they’ll come to you that way you don’t have to drive it down to the dump.
  4. Label. The junk is gone yay! Now it’s time to box up the keepers. Plastic, Rubbermaid type tubs are best because cardboard can get damp and mold it is also inviting to pests like mice. Make sure you write the description on the side writing it on the top won’t be helpful when your boxes are stacked on top of each other.
  5. Categorize. To make everything in your garage easier to find assign different categories of things a certain space. Make one corner holiday and another outdoors/camping that way everything has a home. Creating a map that you can tape to the door to your garage makes a great quick reference sheet to remind you where to find things and also where things go.

Getting your garage organized can be a lot less painful if you follow these simple suggestions. Plus you’ll thank yourself for getting it done come Christmas when you can easily find all your decorations without dying under an avalanche of boxes.

Monkey Bars is a garage storage and organization company serving Washington, DC area homeowners with solutions and tips for an organized garage.