Always on the lookout for shortcuts, I recently received the Sane Fitness Full Body Workouts That Won’t Drive You Crazy” kit. Developed by a fellow mom, Beverley Caen along with her trainer, fitness expert, John Cruz, this box of cards is like a personal trainer in a box. Basically, there are small cards that make up a different routine each time you workout to strip boredom out of your routine and also to reinforce proper form.

I tried it and really loved the variety and simplicity – it’s a great “cheat sheet” for a gym workout at home. Here are some additional shortcuts from Sane Fitness.

The first part is cardio. “Getting your heart rate up for about 20 minutes can help burn the extra calories from constantly eating out on vacation,” says Beverley. Here are a few easy ways to get 20 minutes of quality cardio in your daily routine or even while you’re traveling:

• Most hotels have pools – 20 minutes of continuous swimming will burn about 250 calories.

Use the stairs –spend 20 minutes going from top to bottom. Walking will burn about 100 calories, while running can burn as much as double that amount. Another idea is to skip the escalator in the airport. Adding extra stair stepping throughout the day will burn calories gained while snacking on the go.

Walk everywhere –the best way to stay in shape while away from home is to stay active. Take a scenic stroll instead of using the bus or subway. Walk as much as possible, and not only will you shed unwanted pounds but you’ll keep your fitness levels up – so you don’t have to start from scratch when you get home.

Also, to add the important strength training component, if you don’t have dumbbells or are traveling…

Fill up two 16-ounce water bottles to serve as one-pound dumbbells.

Jumbo-sized shampoo and conditioners can weigh up to 3 pounds each – just make sure you have an equal amount in both sides!

Bring a resistance band in your bag. Most of them take up almost no room, and resistance can be adjusted to meet your weight needs.

What ideas do you have for staying in shape as a busy mom?

Disclosure: Free product was provided in exchange for writing this review, but the opinions are all my own.

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