Did you think the title was a joke? I know, I know, moms are beyond busy. We multi-task, chauffeur our kids from sunrise to sunset, eat lunch while we’re doing the dishes, and on and on. To celebrate the launch of the new MomTini Lounge, I wanted a post that focuses on MOM! Think of it as a way to recharge your batteries so that your engine runs smoother, so that you’re more refreshed and energized, and of course, the bottom line is you can enjoy your family even more!

Here are some quick MomTini ideas:

–> Set a cut-off time before the bus rolls in. I’m as guilty as the next, and I maximize every second, but try to set a timer for 10 minutes before the school bus wheels screech to a halt to take a quick non-task-oriented break. Have a cup of tea; read a magazine; take a power nap. Do NOT make phone calls, do dishes, focus on tasks. The task is YOU!

–> Add some fun items to your to-do list, and look forward to them! I’m a big list-maker. I thrive on organization, and I love to have a to do – to call – to email section so I can keep track of my items by category. Obsessive, yes! Add some fun YOU items that you’d enjoy, make a date, and do it! Take a walk; meet a friend; enjoy a glass of wine outside.

–> Treat yourself to some home spa fun! You don’t need to go to an expensive spa to indulge. Take a bubble bath; put some cold cucumbers on your eyes; get some minty lotion and rub on your feet or hands to energize/refresh.

What do other Moms do to relax? Share your ideas below!

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