Some movies capture your heart; some grab your mind…If you have kids, this one will do both. I recently saw “Race to Nowhere,” a documentary film by Vicki Abeles that paints the picture of overworked, overstressed, overscheduled, anxious kids who are in danger emotionally and medically. The film’s approach is fascinating…a California mom, concerned over her own kids’ struggles in school, took the subject by storm, creating a documentary that profiles kids, teachers, guidance counselors, college admissions’ officers, and more. Here’s a peek:

According to the film’s press release, “Our high-pressure, high-stakes culture has invaded our schools and childrenʼs lives, creating unhealthy, disengaged, unprepared and stressed-out youth. Educators, parents, and students are embracing Race to Nowhere, a new documentary that exposes the insidious silent epidemic in our education system. The film tells the stories of young people pushed to the brink, burned-out educators, and deeply frustrated parents.”

It’s provocative, alarming, and definitely worth seeing. Check out the schedule of screenings here, and get the conversation going in your own community. Local schools have hosted the film along with discussions after. Plus, if you register at their website, they grant access to the action items that parents, students and educators can take to keep this grassroots movement moving…

What do you think? Are we pushing our kids too hard? Do we blame schools, parents, both? What can we do to keep the dialogue open with our kids so we catch issues early? Leave a comment below!