Target asked Mom Bloggers to write about back-to-school.  Here’s the MomTini report 🙂

The back-to-school date varies by area, but we’re now into the new school year, and I’m wondering if anyone has a shovel for me to use to “dig out”? Piles of stuff greet me at every corner – paperwork, forms, sports schedules. What do they think I am, a MOM or something? All joking aside, here are some thoughts for the new year.

–> Systems at home — For kids, a new school year is a logical “break”/transition, so it’s a great parenting opportunity to revisit some systems you had in place last year, or to introduce some new ones. At school, the teachers are telling our kids they’re capable of the next grade level in terms of academics and expectations. Home is no different. Why not take the opportunity to make a list of the things you struggle with (housework, laundry, picking up stray shoes), and engage your kids in a teamwork approach to getting the job done?

–> Motivation — For younger kids, teachers often have great “chore charts” and/or rewards systems. Email your teacher, or play “spy” at back-to-school night to study how your teacher is motivating your child. Consider a mirror/parallel approach at home to keep it consistent, meaningful, and simple.

–> Daily Routines — It’s hard to kick off the flip flops and beach sand, and get used to homework, deadlines, packing school lunches, and all of the responsibilities that come with a new year. Think about setting up a daily routine so your kids know what to expect, and what is expected of them. We have an after school routine that works well (most days!) – snack, homework, play…in that order! There’s nothing more aggravating than a 9 p.m., “Oh, Mom, I forgot, I have some homework.”

It’s been a busy but wonderful summer — and I’ve been lucky to focus on the “business of motherhood” while juggling my PR career. I have loads of content to share with you this year, and look forward to having more time to write! Thanks for the new reader comments – feel free to continue adding your ideas and tips on any post.

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Target, but the content is all my own.