I had the unique pleasure of meeting Digital Royalty Founder Amy Jo Martin at the BlogHer 12 Conference this summer and at a chance encounter at the “Grand Central” elevator bank in the hotel.  Martin’s book, Renegades Write the Rules, the latest addition to our MomTastic bookshelf, is being released today, and I joined a group of Mom Bloggers to review an advance copy of the book.  Martin, who Forbes named “one of the 5 most powerful women on Twitter,” has 1.2 million followers.  She was a keynote speaker who was incredibly dynamic and inspirational in her approach to social media, work/life balance, and has represented tons of celebrities including Shaquille O’Neal, Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, Simon Cowell, and more.

I’m taking one of Martin’s pieces of advice in this post, “coloring outside the lines without crossing the lines”  because this post isn’t just about parenting, but once you read it, I think you’ll connect the dots like I did.

You know I’m a social media junkie, and by reading along with me post to post, you’re joining my incredible journey in this new mode of communication.  So, if you love social media like me, you’ll appreciate Martin’s wisdom; and if you haven’t yet joined the rest of us #TeamRenegades, I’m confident you’ll find some parenting tips in Martin’s approach.  Plus, comment on this post with a social media idea, and I’m giving away a signed advance copy of the book on October 26.

The book has tons of case studies on how Martin’s firm leveraged social media in creative ways and had wild effects on brands, my favorite of which was when she worked with Shaquille “Shaq” O’Neal who announced his retirement FIRST on Twitter to his 3.9 million followers, generating slam dunk returns on his brand.  Beyond her business success, she’s got some amazing “mantras” for life…my favorite:  Schedule (yes, on your calendar!) a “daily reset” for 8 minutes to do a “ready, set, pause…to reset, refocus, and relax.”

My second favorite (there are tons, and it was hard to choose just two):  “You can have it all; you just have to define what your “all” is and accept that it’s always evolving.”

So, if you’re interested in seeing case study after case study how a “renegade” brave enough to take risks early on and to make believers and success stories out of some pretty powerful people and companies, you’ll love it.  The book is a fabulous “class” in social media; the bonus…you’ll also be inspired by some great things about life and balance.  Renegades Write the Rules is a GREAT read!  Martin’s balanced approach has worked well for her  – in her own words, “Where passion, skill, and purpose collide, bliss resides.”  Sounds good to me!

Don’t forget…add a comment to this post, and one lucky winner will receive a signed advance copy of the book.

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Photo:  Amy Jo Martin, Founder Digital Royalty, and Author, Renegades Write the Rules