A recent Hybrid Mom poll shows that “women prefer a few extra zzz’s over sex.” Parenting comes with a lack of sleep – starts with the pregnancy, continues with the around-the-clock feedings, into teething, nightmares, late night parties – there’s little relief in this department! Hybrid Mom shared some “sleep secrets for mothers” – I’ll list some excerpts here:

1. Lower your expectations
2. Have younger children sleep in their own beds
3. Early bedtimes are best – they suggest 7:30 for toddlers & preschoolers, 8:30 for preteens; and 9 for teens. (Editor’s note – easier said than done, but I also recommend STARTING bedtime early – the earlier you start, the earlier you’ll pass the finish line…).
4. Establish a bedtime routine. (Editor’s Note: Very MomTini friendly – routines and structure are great tools!).

And, if you’re truly suffering from insomnia, Hybrid Mom shared some “natural solutions for curing insomnia” including tips for a bedroom make-over to increase your likelihood of getting a good night’s rest.

What sleep tips do you have to share?