This is such a great, colorful & yummy Mother’s Day Gift Idea, and came with some fun survey data I wanted to share.  Edible Arrangments surveyed moms to help decode their “secret language” about what they really want for Mother’s Day.  Here are some highlights:

  •  50% of moms tell their kids “don’t get me anything” or “you shouldn’t have” but what do they really mean?
  • 80% of moms hint at what they want every year, but have a list of “do not buys”
  • 30% have been forgotten at least once!

So, for what “not to buy,” according to the survey:

The top three gifts NOT to get mom, in order, are: drugstore candy, generic bath products or the “same old flower arrangement.”  Fifty percent of moms said the number one way to improve Mother’s Day this year is to “surprise me with an unexpected gift.”

I think they’re trying to say that thoughtfulness wins every time…I agree!  My son asked me what I wanted, and without hesitation, I told him the homemade cards I’ve received have been my all-time treasures…I’ll be reading from the archives, and hopefully enjoying some new ones while enjoying some yummy fruit thanks to Edible Arrangements this year!

We’ve sent Edible Arrangements to friends for happy (& sad) times, and they’re always a crowd pleaser – it’s like sending a treat and a centerpiece all in one…I’m a fan!

Disclosure:  A Mother’s Day Edible Arrangement was provided as compensation for this post.  The ideas expressed, however, are all mine!