Love infographics…especially really well-done ones like THIS that are so timely for Mother’s Day.  Happify recently published in such an easy to follow and pretty format (ok, fine, I love pink!), survey findings, “What You Should Know about Moms & Happiness.”  I totally agree that “motherhood is a defining event” and think their storytelling in this infographic is truly #MomTastic.


  • 73% of moms say they are doing an excellent or very good job as a parent
  • What makes mom feel appreciated?  Hearing “thanks”; sharing chores...
  •  62% of working mothers would rather work part-time, while 21% of fathers say the same thing
  • The best medicine for mommy stress? A female social network.
  • What do moms really want for Mother’s Day? Quality time with family, a gift card to their favorite store, or fine dining out!

Here’s the full story…enjoy!

Check out this infographic recently released by Happify about "What You Should Know about Moms & Happiness."