I was just putting the finishing touches on a PTA presentation on “A Dozen Ways to Make Your Life, Home and Kids More Productive” (love to talk, as you know – let me know if your PTA or Mom’s group is looking for a speaker this year), and that, combined with the New Year, has me thinking about resolutions and making 2010 the best year yet.

When I hear the word “coach,” I’m thinking sports teams, muddy cleats and uniforms, and the craze of winter sports. I recently saw some tips from another kind of coach – the “mom kind!” Amy Goslee, MA, of Embracing Transformation, is a Professional Coach for Moms. She posed some questions for moms about the frenzy and balance challenge we all face, along with some useful tips. The New Year is always a great time to take a personal audit, to evaluate what didn’t work for you last year, and what could work even better in the coming year.

Goslee suggests you ask yourself the following questions:

Do you…

Feel overwhelmed?
Experience a lack of balance or fulfillment?
Desire change?
Want more out of life?

Goslee says, “We have all felt the pressure to be supermoms! Let’s face it; with all that we do for our loved ones, we don’t have as much time as we once did for ourselves. As a mother of two young children, I struggled to find balance and fulfillment in my own life.” She insists, “I truly believe we can all have the best of both worlds. We can be loving nurturing mothers to our families, as well as happy, fulfilled women.”

Sounds good…where do we sign up?

Goslee recommends incorporating three practices in moving toward a well-balanced life:

Self care: Commit the time to do something you love. Do this on a weekly basis whether it be reading, taking a yoga class, or meeting a girlfriend. Once this priority has been set, you will then begin to recognize when you need this special time.

Editor’s Note: I think this is GREAT advice – schedule time for YOU! It will make the tasks seem lighter, and the increased energy will lead to increased productivity. A win-win all around.

Set priorities: Recognize what is most important in your life. Take time to write down four things that are of priority and commit to them. Allow yourself to say “no” to things that aren’t on this list. Discovering your ability to say “no” can be quite liberating.

Editor’s Note: My husband has a great term – “mission critical.” In other words, is organizing that closet critical to your mission today? Focus on the most important things.

Be present: Allow yourself to be in the moment without dwelling on the past or the future. When you do this you will experience life more fully. Take the time to embrace the “here and now” by pausing and taking a deep breath several times throughout the day. This will bring you back to where your energy is: in the moment.

Great tips – thanks, Amy (Goslee) for sharing your coaching tips with The Lounge readers!

Amy Goslee, MA, has been a Mom since 2005 (MS’05). She has a Master’s Degree from Marymount University with a concentration in Organizational Development.