Three days til Mother’s Day…my youngest son asked me if I wanted a $30 gift he could buy himself or a homemade card – I told him hands down, no contest, I’d prefer a homemade card to ANYTHING!  The thought was adorable!

Gifts don’t have to be about the price tag – in fact, the homemade ones or thoughtful ideas are priceless.  Here are some creative ones I’ve seen this year:

First, from FreeShipping‘s Maisie Knowles —

1. A Day Off
Being a mom is a 24/7 job with no sick days and, even in the middle of the night, a mom is “on-call.” We’re summoned by our children regardless of time of day, or whether we’re trying to use the toilet in peace. A 24-hour period where we’re allowed to sleep in, recharge our batteries, and generally not have to be a mom would be absolute heaven!

2.  Pampering

There’s nothing better than going for an extended massage or pedicure after a long day of being with the kids. We mostly enjoy the peace and quiet, but it’s really nice to have someone else take care of us for just an hour or two. Sites like GiftCardGranny have discounted SpaFinder gift cards to save up to 15 percent.  MomTini Note:  Create a spa at home with bubble bath, candles, soft music…it’s good for your kids to see YOU relax!

3.   A Clean Car
The minivan is a mess – withCheerios and Goldfish crackers that have been stuck in unreachable places for years. We just want to “de-kidify” our cars for a little bit. How about a fun, clean rental car for us to drive around?  You can find a cheap rental car by searching on RentalCars.comEditor’s Note:  I saw a funny interview with Modern Family’s Julie Bowen (Claire) where she told Ellen DeGeneres that BIRDS cleaned her car when she left the door open!  Scary, but I can picture that!

Knowles reports that the National Retail Federation predicts $2.2 billion will be spent on flowers this year – wow!

Hard to believe it was a year ago, but these last-minute Mother’s Day gift ideas I shared with FOX News’ Holly Morris are as current as ever:

And finally, here’s a really great infographic from Cafe Mom – the picture tells the story about what moms want – time with family, best, worst gifts, and more!


Happy Mother’s Day!