Very timely in the midst of back-to-school nights, I recently stumbled upon HooplaHaLife with a Smile – their site posts all kinds of videos, and they’ve sent me some really cute parenting/family ones that I look forward to sharing with you here.

This video, Great Life Lessons From Famous Teachers, is an incredible compilation from TV & movies, where teachers share assorted nuggets of wisdom.  What a great walk down memory lane, and thinking about these tried-but-true lessons as a parent now, so many ring true.  Check it out – it’s amazing, and will make you laugh and think at the same time (what a concept, huh?)!  Everything from Prof. Dumbledore to Welcome Back Kotter,  Mr. Bergstrom (Simpsons), and more, it’s GREAT!

I’d pose the same question HooplaHa does, what’s the best life lesson you learned from a teacher?  Add a comment to this post!