I didn’t realize it was 11 years since 9/11.  I may forget a lot of details, need reminders with sound effects for appointments, and write and rewrite to do lists so I don’t forget, but…who can ever forget what they were doing on that fateful day that forever changed the way we feel about airplanes and security in general.  Everyone seemed to know someone or someone who knew someone affected.  And the feeling in your gut when you feel complete instability and insecurity is something you never forget.  My husband called to tell me to get the kids immediately, and luckily they were so little at the time, they had no idea the magnitude of the early pick up.

A family-style salute and MomTini hug…To all the parents who lost children; to all the children who lost parents; and to all of the heroes who worked on the frontlines and behind the scenes to save & secure…here’s hoping that our world will never know the terror of that day.

Love the moment of silence observed in DC and NY today at 8:46 a.m., the time American Airlines Flight 11 struck the World Trade Center’s North Tower.

Photo by Brianna Santellan on Unsplash