As we brace for Hurricane Sandy in the Northeast, Halloween seems like an “if,” not a “when” at this point…But safety is top of mind for everyone, so I wanted to share some good ideas recently sent my way.

First, some healthy snacking ideas from Budge Collinson, President & Founder of Infusion Sciences:

  • Dine on decorations – seasonal foods like pumpkin, squash, apples.
  • Popcorn – high in fiber
  • Hydrate – drink lots of water, especially while trick or treating

Next, thanks to Amber Alertgps for some creative safety tips…

Light the way

Make sure you child’s costume is a light color, or if it isn’t have them carry a flashlight or glow stick to help them safely stand-out. If you are looking to be creative, incorporate light into your child’s costume with light up jewelry or reflective tape around an accessory (like fairy wings, belts or even your child’s candy bucket).

Candy check

Make sure to remove any candy that isn’t packaged or may present a choking hazard (such as peanuts or small hard candy). To save yourself time sifting through candy when you first get home and children want to immediately dig into their sugar stash, bring along a second bag to deposit “safe” candy – treats from houses of people that you know well.

Pick and stick to your route

For smaller kids, have a plan in place before you leave the house. Make a fun map together of houses of family and friends, marking off each house you visit throughout the evening; For families that may be split up for the night, stay together in groups, make sure to set up a meeting place before you start trick-or-treating and ensure you have your cell phone and it is fully charged. If your child is a tween or teen and would rather go out with friends, make  use of a child tracking device or app, such as Amber Alert GPS, for easy check-in throughout the night.

 Safe ghoulish getups

Making sure costumes are flame-retardant and not too long or oversized is essential to keeping your child safe while trick-or-treating – but also don’t forget about your child’s costume accessories. Make sure any wands, swords or sticks are not too long or inflexible, as they could cause injury should your child trip or fall. Make sure any costumes with masks still allow your child to see easily.

Street safety

With lots of people out and about on October 31st, ensuring you stay safe while outdoors is especially important. Make sure you and your group stays on sidewalks, walks facing traffic and avoid the road, as car traffic can be heavy during Halloween. Only cross the street at designated crosswalks and always make sure to look both ways – some car engines are quiet and may appear before you hear them on the road.

Editor’s Note:  Here’s hoping we HAVE Halloween this year!  And if it’s delayed in the Northeast due to storms, hopefully we’ll enjoy a safe & fun Halloween soon!