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Sunscreen Tips

August 9th, 2008|

Applying sunscreen before camp is so important, but is also something that often starts a verbal battle in our house. “Get over here!” “Stay still!” “Stop moving around!” But since […]

Anaphylaxis: Nothing to Sneeze At

June 28th, 2008|

Spring allergies can be miserable, and with summertime, comes the buzzing annoyance of bees to worry about. I remember the first time my son was stung by bees. We were […]

Talk to Your Kids About Sex

June 22nd, 2008|

Ah, springtime – the birds are buzzing; the bees are buzzing. And I’m not just talking about the outdoors! Having recently survived (barely) “Family Life,” the new term for what […]

Make Fitness a Family Affair

June 11th, 2008|

This new book caught my eye since I’m a huge fan of modeling positive behavior on all fronts – including fitness – for my kids. I always joke that unless […]