Happy Mother’s Day!  Even though this is a “repeat,” I wanted to share this silly “got milk” photo with my own mom, as I share some ideas and Momspiration for you!

Here’s a roundup of some ideas we’ve shared to help make this holiday #MomTastic!

  • Love Salary.com’s annual “How Much Are Moms Worth” survey.  Basically, if moms were paid for each of their jobs, how much would they make?  Check out their Online Salary Wizard to calculate your annual pay, and see your “paycheck.”  This is a fun exercise, but let’s not forget the priceless value of raising our kids.  Of the 15,000 Moms surveyed, they came up with top jobs including CEO, Laundry Operator, Janitor, Van Driver, Psychologist, and more…Sure you can relate to the many hats we wear daily!  Whether you work inside or outside the home or both, I’m a huge proponent of valuing all that moms and dads do to run a family and household.
  • That said…Sunday is time to pamper mom!
  • Check out our list of Last-Minute Mother’s Day gifts you can do easily at home including handprints, picking flowers, and surprising mom.
  • …And another article featuring Mother’s Day Gift ideas we had shared on FOX News with homemade gifts to surprise mom including a home spa treat, burning a CD, making a movie, creating coupons.
  • *Reader note – links in archived articles may not all work perfectly, but there are lots of free ideas that you may find helpful with a few days to go
  • Thanks to Freebie Depot for publishing some great free stuff for moms including zoo admission (hey, it can be a jungle at times!); cards; printables; meals; etc.  Also, About.com has a list of “Mother’s Day Freebies”  including links to free printable cards, poems, etc.
  • And Mixbook is a new player in the create your own photo book, offering a 40% off code through 5/7.  They have an iPhone and Android app where you can create a 20-page book in 5 minutes for only $20 and delivered in 4 days – worth checking out!  I’m going to test this myself when I come up for air and will let you know!  They have a cute video showing you how easy it is – I think it’s a great idea to be able to preserve memories you’ve captured on your Smartphone…

However you celebrate, I wish you a wonderful, relaxing, MomTastic Mother’s Day with your family!

– Amy 🙂