Thanks to Linda Bailey for this article on how and why you should enroll your kids in local sports.  With 3 boys, we’re huge sports fans and the benefits would dominate this entire site – Linda addresses many of the key bonuses below….

Future Development: Enrolling Your Child in Local Sports

Sports can be a great way for children to learn a lot about themselves. So much can be derived from enrolling your child in an activity to promote knowledge and understanding in various situations. While it may be just a game to them, the child may not realize just how much of an impact the activity will have on them physically and mentally. How can sports assist in the future development of your child?

1. Teamwork – Your child will learn the value in teamwork and how it can be translated to virtually any situation in life. Each person has a unique talent that can benefit the greater whole. Discovering what that talent is and understanding how it impacts the team can be greatly rewarding.

2. Physical Fitness – Sporting activities of any kind can help encourage physical fitness. If you’re worried about your child turning in to one of those people that plant themselves on the couch in front of video games all day, then a physical activity could be what he or she needs to stay fit and healthy.

3. Social Interaction – Being part of a team sport throws your child into having social interaction whether he or she wants to or not. Although you should never force your child to play a sport, the social integration and development could be a bonus for future interactions.

4. Self-Discovery – Many children have dreams of becoming a star player on a professional team. Some will emulate their heroes while playing in order to feel like a champion. Without enrolling your child in a local sport, those dreams may never become more than what they are. Give them the chance to discover what they can do and whether or not they want to continue for themselves.

5. Encouragement – By paying for the equipment and the enrollment of any given sport, you are showing your child encouragement to succeed. Participate in as much of this activity as you can, and a bond will form between yourself and your child. You never know what your child can be capable of without encouraging their decisions to discover who they are.

Aside from the fact of the activity being fun for your child, enrolling him or her in local sports can have a ripple effect throughout the child’s life. It will provide memories and knowledge that could travel with them forever.

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This post is contributed by Linda Bailey. She is a Texas-based writer who loves to write on the topics of housekeeping, green living, home décor, and more.