This week’s #MomtasticFind is a new product that has a simple but really important mission:  to rescue, elevate, and improve the family dinner hour.  After reviewing some of their pieces, I wanted to share a great quote from their piece about teamwork, because I think it’s most relevant to a successful family unit (and getting the dishes done…).  “When we work together, we can accomplish so much more…Teamwork requires good listening skills and cooperation among all members of the group.”

Here’s a synopsis from their press release…

At a time when electronic and digital passion monopolizes our children’s time and lives, Kimball Companies found a new, easy and fun way for families to connect.  Family Table Time was designed by Neal and Jill Kimball to help engage families with very meaningful conversations while creating unforgettable memories.  It promotes positive behaviors in parents and children to cook, eat, talk, connect, engage, read, learn and move together as a family.  The Kimballs saw the time invested in their jobs, kids’ schools, as well as their after school activities kept them from enjoying this valuable time with their kids.  They needed a time that was theirs – a time to teach, share, laugh and celebrate – this special time was going by fast.

Everything changed when the Kimballs realized what was absent from their lives, a simple family dinner – that had been a cornerstone of the family. The “and how was your day?” conversation around the pot roast from their childhood that kept the family together was not happening with their children.  Based on “Ready, Set, Connect“, it works like this: 1) Cook and Eat as a Family

2) Talk, Connect, Celebrate and Capture Memories

3) Move, Play, or Exercise Together

Editor’s Note:  I love it!  We do our very best to make mealtime a “cell free zone,” and I definitely think mealtime is one of the best treasures a family has.  The Kimball’s program has everything you need to make it a success including conversation starters, positive reinforcement, and lots of ingredients for success at your own table, and who knows, some of these valuable skills may find their way beyond the table.  I previewed some of the downloads, and they’re colorful, easy-to-follow, and applicable to kids of all ages.  Their “Talking Torch” is adorable, and gives you a chance to give everyone a voice at the table.  Who can argue with that?  Check it out here.

Here’s a great news clip on the story behind this story.

Editor’s Note:  No compensation was provided to write this post – I’m donating this story as a public service to fellow families and hope I can “pay it forward” so more and more families have better dinner adventures together.