I’ve blogged about my involvement at WUSA-9 TV (local CBS affiliate)’s DVM Moms before. The website just got an incredible facelift, and it’s a great 24/7 place to dish with other moms about virtually anything of interest. Now called “DC Moms Like Me,” the site is part of a Gannett endeavor that provides online communities for moms nationwide.

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Photo – Cari Shane Parven, WUSA-9’s Peggy Fox, and Amy

Fellow Mom Blogger, Cari Shane Parven, and I, both Featured Discussion Leaders on the site, participated in a launch piece with WUSA Anchor Peggy Fox, this week to announce the news to local moms — here’s the segment that explains the site:

DC Moms Like Me is a great place to get into the dialogue – whether it’s about food, school, discipline, you can start a conversation and get and share feedback with other moms – 24/7.

Postscript – DC Moms Like Me had a GREAT run, but is no longer online 🙁  Sorry about that!