Who said being a mom blogger didn’t have some privileges?  First time it included a vaccine!  All joking aside, many thanks to our friends at CVS Minute Clinic for the free flu shot for me and my son.  Their tagline, “no appointment necessary,” is helpful for a busy mom, and I’m sure we looked a little frazzled collecting items we needed to buy as we waited the full 10 minutes for the shot.  (Added bonus – when you get a flu shot, they give you 20% off your purchase…happy to learn that after a $100 purchase!).  Here is a link to the minute clinic website that has some great links to CDC information about children and the flu, along with a flu guide for parents, and everyday preventative actions to avoid the flu.

We’ve been to MinuteClinic before for quickie things like ear infections, strep throat, and it’s very convenient, I must say, for simple medical needs.  I didn’t realize they were doing flu shots, so this was helpful, and most appreciated!

Here’s a helpful video from MinuteClinic that helps you i.d. whether it’s a cold or allergies.

As always, this website provides information only; consult your own doctor with any medical questions or concerns.

Disclosure:  Compensation via free flu vaccines was provided for this post.