Parents say the darndest things when they are talking with their thumbs (or with their index finger one…letter…at…a…time).  It cracks me up that our kids are so incredibly tech savvy, and speak a different language at times when acronyms are flying around.  Reminds me of the book I reviewed before called Teenage as a Second Language – that post lists tons of the “shorthand”/acronmyms so you can talk the talk – check it out as well.

I digress…anyhow, this book is funny, and I thought I’d share some of their “crazy texts.”

Crazy Things Parents Text, by brothers Stephen and Wayne Miltz, creators of the hilarious Web sensation, features the best, all-new, user-submitted texts from the website, including:

Me: What time are you picking me up?

Dad: Who is this?

Me: Your son.

Dad: How did you get this number?

Me: I programmed your phone, remember?

Dad: How do I delete people?


Me: You owe me $350 for the ipad.

Dad: Ok. You owe me hundreds of thousands for your entire life.


Mom: R u home yet? Need U 2 GTD

Me: Mom, what the hell does GTD mean?


Me:…oh okay. You know, you can’t just go around making your own acronyms.


Me: Please please please PLEASE don’t make me go on that fishing trip. I promise I’ll clean the house, I won’t talk back, and I’ll be a good child for the rest of my life.

Dad: ><\\\o>. ><\\\o>. ><\\\o>. ><\\\o>. ><\\\o>. 5 fisheez 4 u


Me: Jokes on you I keep submitting ur texts to “crazy things parents text”

Dad: I write your phone number on bathroom walls


So…friends at The MomTini Lounge, have you texted something by accident or on purpose to your kids that you want to share here?  I’m amazed by how the iPhone auto spells words sometimes, and if I weren’t moving so fast, but able to backspace, I’d have even more embarrassing texts under my own belt!  I see people correcting mistakes by sending yet ANOTHER text with *correction – whoever came up with that was a star!

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