A recent Girl Talk with Marlo Radio show featured several panelists (and me!) in a live chat on bullying.  Many types of bullying have found their way to the headlines, and we are writing more on the topic that bring up some startling statistics and most importantly, ways that parents can prevent bullying and can address situations when their kids make bad choices.

We talked a lot about what makes a child act like a bully; what circumstances lead to different types of bullying, and how kids feel when they’re bullied; here’s the radio segment on bullying.

I put out a request on Twitter and Facebook and got some great comments to pass along:

  • Marc S., Dad Since 1996, shared a New York Times article about an 8th grade girl who “sexted” nude pictures of herself to her soon to be ex-boyfriend; the photo made its way around to “possibly thousands of students” through text forwarding.  Fast forward to legal action and “altered lives” – the story is shocking and a good wake-up call to teens & tweens about the dangers of texting irresponsibly.
  • Susan F., Mom since 2004, suggests we teach our kids to recognize the signs of a true leader vs. someone who “bullies” his/her way into power…and scary how the lines can blur from assertive “leader” to crossing the line…
  • @JLEvans shared an article and videos, “Stop the Bullying:  Apple Employees Show Teens Love
  • During the radio show, @Dayngr tweeted, “It’s a terrible cycle.  Hurt people, hurt.”