One Mom Blogging perk is you get to review advance copies of books, and while I’m often time-challenged to finish my book club selection, I often find time to skim or read new books I receive.  I read Thea Goodman’s The Sunshine When She’s Gone cover to cover, and thought it was a good, quick read.

A dad wakes up, and heads out to let his wife get some rest, and instead of getting breakfast as planned, ends up taking an international flight…WITH the baby!  As mom & dad each do a 180 in terms of caregiving for the 8-month-old baby girl, they each meet challenges they never could have expected.  As a mom, reading about a dad leaving the country with nothing more than a backpack, it really makes you cringe, and you’re anticipating the hurdles even before the baby’s screaming for goat milk.  🙂

Goodman told NPR in a recent interview, “I think that becoming parents challenges most marriage.  In some ways, this book is very romantic…they do always long for one another even while they’re escaping from one another.”  Goodman explains the ambivalence a mom feels when separated from her child, enjoying the free time, but aching physically to be reunited.

The book was an “Oprah Book of the Week” and is an interesting story that explores trust, marriage, parenting, and more.

Here’s a very cute Book Trailer with reviews that shows images of babies we can all relate to….