I was thrilled to be quoted in this new FUN book, I Love Mondays…and Other Confessions from Devoted Working Moms, just published by Journalist, Filmaker, Author Michelle Cove.

The book, a “sounding board for tired, stressed – and devoted – working moms,” shares the most common confessions Cove hears from working moms.  Like, “I’m tired of apologizing when I try so hard to please everyone,” the book explores the difficulties that working moms face, along with real-life anecdotes, helpful new perspectives, and mom-tested strategies for dealing with issues at home.  With chapters like “Sick Days and Other Setbacks” and “Multitasking Mishaps” (sound familiar? 🙂 ), I Love Mondays is hilarious, humbling, and keeps up with a mom’s fast-paced, and sometimes anxiety-ridden world.

I asked Michelle a question that I thought would be of interest here at The Lounge…

Q (Amy):  What was one piece of advice you learned while researching the book that made a big difference in your life?

A (Michelle):  There are so many! But one that comes to mind is a tip that came from a yoga instructor who suggested that we all spend the first five minutes after we wake up taking deep breaths and thinking about what we appreciate in our lives. For most of us, our morning starts off crazy. Just minutes after waking up, while we’re trying to brew coffee, everyone is running around yelling: I can’t find my library book! Can you help me tie my shoes? You’re trying to find your cell phone while tripping on a backpack. It’s madness! So if you can spend those first five minutes really grounding yourself, it makes for a much calmer start to the day, which is good for everyone. And if your kid is banging on your door during those five minutes, you say “Good morning, I will come get you in five minutes.” Life changing!

Love it!  And kudos to Michelle, for a fun, current, inspiring book!!

Ironically, Michelle happened to catch me for my interview just after a business trip.  Here are excerpts from some of the tips I shared in the book (pages 75 and 80):  “Tell your child when you call him, ‘I miss you – and I’m also having an adventure.  I bet you are too.  What’s been going on?’  That way, we set a much more positive tone.”  A second tip for moms who travel, was to take some time for yourself while you’re away to recharge.  “Take a walk on the beach for 30 minutes or explore a new area…You don’t want to come back from your trip burnt-out, which is not good for your child either, because they’re going to want your attention after the trip,” I shared.

According to the International Association of Working Mothers, more than 70% of women with a child older than 1 now work outside the home.

I wish Michelle lots of publishing luck!  I wanted to share her fascinating bio here:  Michelle Cove is the director and a producer of the award-winning documentary, Seeking Happily Ever After, and the author of Seeking Happily Ever After:  How to Navigate the Ups and Downs of Being Single Without Losing Your Mind.  She is also the co-author of the national bestseller, I’m Not Mad, I just Hate You:  A New Understanding of Mother-Daughter Conflict, which has been featured on TODAY and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

Love her book titles…very creative…and hoping this one is her latest success!